Due to the holiday taking place on Monday, August 15th, Albeco will be closed. Please include the day off in planning orders and deliveries.

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Free delivery

Free delivery

We are aware that delivery times are often of crucial importance to our customers. We want the order handling to run smoothly and without delays, so that customers can have full confidence in our company. That is why we offer a number of solutions in the field of goods delivery so that the order fulfillment could be carried out in the shortest possible time.

The delivery methods we offer are self-collection, courier, city and conductor shipments. Among them we offer:

Free shipping

When the order exceeds the sum of PLN 500 net, the goods are delivered at the expense of Albeco. Free delivery includes domestic shipments with standard dimensions, i.e. shafts and long elements of linear technique are not included. In the case of shipment at Albeco's expense, we reserve the right to choose a courier company.

Regular free delivery for regular customers:

We offer regular free deliveries to regular customers from Poznań and the surrounding area. Deliveries are made depending on the frequency and volume of orders, on average once a week in Poznań and the surrounding area on a selected day of the week. The offer applies to companies that constantly cooperate with our company or want to start cooperation in the field of regular deliveries of goods. For details of the offer, please contact our sellers.

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