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Medical industry

Medical industry

Pharmaceutical and medical industry - production and packaging of drugs, production of medical equipment as well as surgical and dental instruments requires the use of sterile production machines and special materials, resistant to corrosion and not requiring lubrication or lubrication with special parameters and purpose lubricants. For surgical and dental instruments, miniature dimensions are also required. We offer GRW, PERMAGLIDE and AMES bearings that perfectly meet these requirements. They are made of the highest quality materials: high-resistance stainless steel, ceramics or plastics for special applications.

They are characterized by excellent resistance to working conditions in high humidity, resistance to chemicals, high or low temperatures and wear. In response to the special requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we offer a range of products for these specific applications: bearings for dental drills bearings are characterized by: high speed, quiet operation, long life and miniature size bearings for surgical instruments bearings are characterized by: possibility of thermal disinfection, minimized friction, high precision bearings for blood pumps the bearings are characterized by: corrosion resistance, minimized friction

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