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Prices and discounts

Does the product price include shipping costs?
No. The delivery cost is calculated and added separately to the entire order.

Does the price include a discount?
The prices shown in our online store present the basic net price. If the Customer is logged in in the account and has been granted a discount, the final price is also displayed, below the original, base price of the product.

What is a permanent discount and what is an internet discount?
A permanent discount is a discount for regular customers only. The amount of the permanent discount is based on the cooperation history, the volume, value of purchases and the timeliness of payments. The discount is substracted regardless of the method of placing the order and the availability of goods.
Online discount is a discount granted to all customers, but only for orders for products available from the warehouse placed via the online store. The value of the internet rebate is contant and equals 5%.

The discounts can sum up with each other.

How can I get a permanent discount?
A permanent discount is granted to regular customers and depends on the volume of purchases made and the timeliness of payments. For one-time large orders, it is also possible to negotiate a discount ar a special price. For discounts, please contact our office.

Is VAT included in the prices?
No, we present the net prices - they do not include VAT.

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